Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Journal Article - Secondary organic aerosols from anthropogenic volatile organic compounds contribute substantially to air pollution mortality

Journal Articles - Satellite-based estimation of the impacts of summertime wildfires on PM2.5 concentration in the United States

Journal Article - Various Sources of PM2.5 and their Impact on the Air Quality in Tainan City, Taiwan

Journal Article - Switching to electric vehicles can lead to significant reductions of PM2.5 and NO2 across China

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Data - (0.1° × 0.1°) Multi-Pollutant Road Transport Emission Inventory for India


Full paper and link to download the data - RTEII: A new high-resolution (0.1° × 0.1°) road transport emission inventory for India of 74 speciated NMVOCs, CO, NOx, NH3, CH4, CO2, PM2.5 reveals massive overestimation of NOx and CO and missing nitromethane emissions by existing inventories

Monday, July 26, 2021

Journal Article - Lightning occurrences and intensity over the Indian region: long-term trends and future projections

Journal Article - High-Spatial-Resolution Estimates of Ultrafine Particle Concentrations across the Continental United States

Journal Article - Societal shifts due to COVID-19 reveal large-scale complexities and feedbacks between atmospheric chemistry and climate change

Journal Article - Development and evaluation of a new compact mechanism for aromatic oxidation in atmospheric models

Data - Daily National and Gridded CO2 Emissions Inventory

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Data - Gridded Emisions Inventory for India (SMoG System by IIT-Mumbai)


The data is spatially resolved into 0.25 deg x 0.25 deg. 

It is available in "ASCII" format as text files along with the "README" describing the details of the emission.

SMoG-India V0, which was used in GBD-MAPS India 2018 and Venkataraman et al., 2018 is now superseded by SMoG-India V1.


Journal Article - Effects of fuel change to electricity on PM2.5 local levels in the Bus Rapid Transit System of Bogota

Journal Article - Development of ozone reactivity scales for volatile organic compounds in a Chinese megacity

Journal Article - Satellite soil moisture data assimilation impacts on modeling weather variables and ozone in the southeastern US – Part 1: An overview

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Data - Air Quality Forecasts (Global) from FMI's SILAM System

96-hour (4-days) air quality forecasts from Finnish Meteorological Department (FMI)'s global SILAM system are accessible here for PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, and Ozone


Data - Air Quality Forecasts (Global) from NASA-GEOS_CF System

96-hour (4-days) air quality forecasts from NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) by region are accessible here for PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, and Ozone

Journal Article - Application of the high spatiotemporal resolution soil fugitive dust emission inventory compilation method based on CAMx model

Journal Article - Quantifying Atmospheric Parameter Ranges for Ambient Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation

Journal Article - Global air quality and health impacts of domestic and international shipping

Journal Article - Seasonal distribution and drivers of surface fine particulate matter and organic aerosol over the Indo-Gangetic Plain

Journal Article - A comprehensive dataset for global, regional and national greenhouse gas emissions by sector 1970–2019

Journal Article - The 2019 Raikoke volcanic eruption – Part 1: Dispersion model simulations and satellite retrievals of volcanic SO2

Journal Article - PAPILA dataset: a regional emission inventory of reactive gases for South America based on the combination of local and global information

Journal Article - Ahmedabad's BRT System A Sustainable Urban Transport Panacea?

Journal Article - Mainstreaming Built Environment for Air Pollution Management Plan in Delhi

Podcast - Climate Science, Communication, and Common Ground (by Theories of Change)

Podcast - Climate Security: Bringing Climate into all Sectors (by Theories of Change)

Monday, July 05, 2021

Journal Article - Three Decades of Climate Mitigation: Why Haven't We Bent the Global Emissions Curve?

Journal Article - Aerosol characteristics from earth observation systems: A comprehensive investigation over South Asia (2000–2019)

Journal Article - Source apportionment of carbon monoxide over India: a quantitative analysis using MOZART-4

Journal Article - A Review of Tropospheric Atmospheric Chemistry and Gas-Phase Chemical Mechanisms for Air Quality Modeling

Journal Article - An Overview of Particulate Matter Measurement Instruments

Journal Article - Grid-Stretching Capability for the GEOS-Chem 13.0.0 Atmospheric Chemistry Model

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Journal Article - Chemical source profiles of fine particles for five different sources in Delhi

Journal Articles - Potential health risks due to in-car aerosol exposure across ten global cities

Journal Article - The state of science on severe air pollution episodes: Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Journal Article - Meteorological impact on winter PM2.5 pollution in Delhi: Present and future projection under a warming climate

Journal Article - Anthropogenic emission inventory of multiple air pollutants and their spatiotemporal variations in 2017 for the Shandong Province, China

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Journal Article - RTEII: A new high-resolution (0.1° × 0.1°) road transport emission inventory for India of 74 speciated NMVOCs, CO, NOx, NH3, CH4, CO2, PM2.5

Journal Article - Source sector and fuel contributions to ambient PM2.5 and attributable mortality across multiple spatial scales

Journal Article - Overview of the Lake Michigan Ozone Study 2017

Journal Article - Modeling of PM2.5 for assessment of associated health impacts in crowded urban area of Southeast Asia

Journal Article - Estimating CO2 Emissions from Large Scale Coal-Fired Power Plants Using OCO-2 Observations and Emission Inventories

Podcast (Hindi) - Urbanization (in India) Done Right (by Puliyabaazi)