Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Podcast - How Tata Power and Jio-BP are charging up for an EV empire

Podcast - Smells Like Teen Climate Anxiety (by The War on Cars)

Podcast - Who pays for climate change (by Short Wave)

Podcast - Can Climate Talk turn to climate action (by Short Wave)

Journal Article - A long-term analysis of atmospheric black carbon MERRA-2 concentration over China during 1980–2019

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Journal Article - Tracking PM2.5 and O3 Pollution and the Related Health Burden in China 2013–2020

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Journal Article - Emission factors and emission inventory of diesel vehicles in Nepal

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Monday, December 27, 2021

Climate Humor - Cheating is okay if you buy an offset, right?

Report - The science everyone needs to know about climate change, in 6 charts

With the United Nations’ climate conference in Scotland turning a spotlight on climate change policies and the impact of global warming, it’s useful to understand what the science shows. Here are six things you should know, in charts.

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Podcast - A self-contained environment for open source geospatial tools (by the MapScaping)

Video - NOAA Arctic Report Card 2021

Podcast - It's impossible to have healthy people on a sick planet (by TED Climate)

Journal Articles - A systematic review of household energy transition in low and middle income countries

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Journal Articles - Viability assessment of electric cars for personal use in India

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Journal Article - Assessment of Airport-Related Emissions and Their Impact on Air Quality in Atlanta, GA, Using CMAQ and TROPOMI

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Journal Article - Large contribution of biomass burning emissions to ozone throughout the global remote troposphere

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Friday, December 17, 2021

Journal Article - Health benefits of decreases in on-road transportation emissions in the United States from 2008 to 2017

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Journal Article - Development and Assessment of a High-Resolution Biogenic Emission Inventory from Urban Green Spaces in China

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Journal Article - Modeling secondary organic aerosol formation from volatile chemical products

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Journal Article - Why is the city's responsibility for its air pollution often underestimated? A focus on PM2.5

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Video - Data Gaps and Opportunities for Air Quality Analysis

This is a narrative presentations from AGU 2021 Conference for the session - Where Are the Gaps in Monitoring, Forecasting, and Managing Air Quality in Developing Countries?


Video - Can We Vacuum Our Air Pollution Problem Using Smog Towers?


This is a narrative recording of presentation for INSEE 2021 Conference. 

Full paper is available here.

More articles and reference notes on why smog towers are not a solution to our air pollution problem are available here.

An MS Excel Based Air Quality Index (AQI) Calculator - 7 Methodologies from USA, EU, UK, India, China, South Korea and Singapore

Version (01) calculates AQI for one time data using 7 methodologies - USA, EU, UK, India, China, South Korea, and Singapore 

Download the calculator here and see the video for instructions

Version (02) calculates AQI for a large dataset using 7 methodologies - USA, EU, UK, India, China, South Korea, and Singapore, and presents a comparisons chart. 

Download the calculator here and see the video for instructions.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Journal Article - A review of statistical methods used for developing large-scale and long-term PM2.5 models from satellite data

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Journal Article - COVID-19 Pandemic: What Can We Learn for Better Air Quality and Human Health?

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Podcast - Ten years to 1.5°C: how climate anxiety is affecting young people around the world (The Conversation Weekly)

Podcast - Tracking the whole world's carbon emissions -- with satellites and AI (by TED Climate)

Podcast - Are Cities Still Relevant in the Metaverse Era? (by All Things Policy)