Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Video - TED-Ed - Can we create the "perfect" farm?

Video - What is Soil (and Why is it Important)?

Journal Article - Health impacts of changes in travel patterns in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana

Journal Article - Data assimilation of satellite-retrieved ozone, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide with ECMWF's Composition-IFS

Journal Article - Improving National Air Quality Forecasts with Satellite Aerosol Observations

Journal Article - Strong evidence of lead deposited during the 20th century to the atmospheric environment in London of today

Journal Article - Particulate matter in the atmosphere: which particle properties are important for its effects on health?

Video - Development and Application of a United States wide correction for PurpleAir PM2.5 data

Journal Article - Development and application of a United States-wide correction for PM2.5 data collected with the PurpleAir sensor

Journal Article - Improved gridded ammonia emission inventory in China

Journal Article - Sensitivity of PM2.5 and O3 pollution episodes to meteorological factors over the North China Plain

Journal Article - Influence of Regional Transportation on PM2.5 Based on the RAMS-CMAQ Model in Weihai

Monday, June 07, 2021

Journal Article - Tracking NO2 emission from thermal power plants in North India using TROPOMI data

Journal Article - Satellite Monitoring for Air Quality and Health

Report - Dirty Stacks, High Stakes An Overview of Brick Sector in South Asia

Journal Article - Garbage Burning in South Asia: How Important Is It to Regional Air Quality?

Journal Article - Uncertainties in emissions estimates of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in India and their impacts on regional air quality

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Journal Article - Transport and Chemical Evolution over the Pacific (TRACE-P) aircraft mission: Design, execution, and first results

Journal Article - Air quality during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Journal Article - Gridded 1 km × 1 km emission inventory constrained by measured emission factors of 77 VOCs and district-wise crop yield data in India

Journal Article - Integrating Clean Air, Climate, and Health Policies in the COVID-19 Era

Journal Article - A fuel-based method for updating mobile source emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Video - Ozone Hole (Fuse School)

Video - Making Ozone (Fuse School)