Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pollution Due to Trucks - Kolkata & Dhaka

To the relief of the urban dwellers in Kolkata, recent ban of ~15,000 old trucks and buses and phasing out taxis (nearly 7,600), seem to have yielded some clean air results.

The truck ban did create its share of problems in the city, but the results once released are better for the public and the truck operators (for example, new vehicles are more fuel efficient than the old). See the video below.

Authorities in Dhaka announced that Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) admitted nearly 50 percent of the vehicles in the capital do not have fitness certificates. The air pollution due to the black smoke emitted by nearly 150,000 old and junk vehicles causing are causing a serious environmental threat for the Dhaka city dwellers. A recent study estimates 15,000 annual deaths due to urban air pollution in Bangladesh.

While Dhaka banned 3-wheelers and 3-wheel cycles in the past, maybe a replication of phasing out old vehicles might help decrease the number of gross polluters on road.

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