Friday, February 20, 2009

Environmental Assessment of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (UNEP)

This UNEP report reviews all the environmental measures that Beijing took for the 2008 Olympic Games. Compiled by independent experts, it reveals that Beijing met or surpassed environmental commitments in several areas including energy, transport and green venues – and that several of these measures have left a lasting legacy for Beijing.

The assessment, conducted by independently appointed assessors (Prof. Greg Carmichael, University of Iowa), finds that the Beijing Olympics met or exceeded many of its environmental goals. Among the achievements highlighted in the assessment are: the increase in blue sky days from less than 180 days in 2000 to 274 days in 2008, and an increase in public awareness of air quality in Beijing; a significant increase in green space in Beijing; and tighter vehicle emission standards, which were the equivalent of Euro IV emissions standards for cars. The assessment recommends, inter alia, that there is a need to: agree on a harmonized standard to measure carbon neutrality in sport; fully engage with non-governmental organizations; and institute mandatory guidelines for Olympic suppliers on materials.

For full report and details follow to UNEP link.

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