Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Co-Benefits of Air Pollution & Climate Change Mitigation: New Report

Air pollution and climate change are often treated as if they were two separate problems, when they actually represent the same scourge. This book by the Swedish EPA presents an understanding of the important links between these two challenges and highlight the prospects and benefits of co-controlling them.


Chapter 1: Common Roots of Air Pollution and Climate Change; Chapter 2: Development of Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Emissions; Chapter 3: Atmospheric Aerosols – Cooling and Warming of the Climate; Chapter 4: Ozone and Methane – Climate and Environment Connected; Chapter 5: Nitrogen Effects on Ecosystems in a Climate Change Perspective; Chapter 6: Climate Change Modifies Air Quality; Chapter 7: Air Pollution Interacts with Climate Change – Consequences for Human Health; Chapter 8: Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases – Options and Benefits from Co-Control; Chapter 9: Air Pollution and Climate Change – the Case for Integrated Policy from an Asian Perspective; Chapter 10: Air Pollution and Climate Change Links – a United States Perspective; Chapter 11: Towards a Joint Strategy for Air Pollution and Climate Change

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