Monday, October 05, 2009

Low Carbon Transport in Asia (Earthscan)

Low Carbon Transport in Asia - Strategies for Optimizing Co-benefits
Edited By Eric Zusman, Ancha Srinivasan and Shobhakar Dhakal (IGES)

This publication is in the press. The Hyderabad co-benefit study (co-authored with Dr. Ramani from APPCB) is presented as one the case studies.

This book is essential reading for transport policy makers, planners, and researchers concerned with low carbon transport, climate change and development in Asia and the wider world.

The introductory section makes the case for co-benefits in developing Asia's transport sector. The second section features analytical frameworks to identify strategies with potential co-benefits, offering new findings on black carbon and dieselization. The third section grounds the analytic work in case studies on fuel switching in Pakistan, urban planning in Bandung, Indonesia, congestion charges in Beijing, vehicle restraints in Hanoi and bus rapid transit in Jakarta. A final section examines how the climate regime can help transform a rapidly motorizing Asia into a climate-friendly Asia.

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