Friday, March 18, 2016

View from My Window in Beijing (CNN)

The view from Zou Yi's window is fickle. Some days he can see every detail of the Beijing Television skyscraper across the way. Some days he can hardly see it at all. Such is daily life for the millions who live under Beijing's polluted skies.

What makes Zou unique is his steadfastness in documenting the city's air quality -- every day for three years. Each morning before going to work, Zou first takes a picture of the skyscraper from his thirteenth floor living room. No matter whether it's an endearing blue sky or a hazardous haze, he posts the picture on social media along with the air quality index.

"I want the pictures to speak for me," Zou told CNN. He's assembled each year of images into a single composite, an at-a-glance record of Beijing's smog problem. "I do think that our government should do more, but people in our society also need to contribute. They need to be aware of the pollution and participate in the monitoring and improvement of air quality," Zou said.

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