Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Air Quality Worsening in Goa !!

Air quality in Goa has been deteriorating alarmingly as pollution levels have spiked two times higher than the normal in Vasco and Panaji, which have become the most polluted cities followed by Margao and Mapusa.

According to ambient air quality data from the Goa State Pollution Control Board, the respirable particulate matter (also PM10), which directly affects breathing, has gone up by over two times from the national ambiance air quality standard. In 2014-15, PM10 was recorded in Panaji and Vasco at 65-75 microgram per cubic metre: the prescribed standard is 100mpcm but desirable is 60 mpcm. PM2.5, for which the prescribed standard is 60mpcm and desirable 40mpcm, also touched an alarming high at 120-141mpcm last year in these heavily polluted cities and towns of the state.
As per the monitoring report prepared by the GSPCB, the main air pollutants for Margao and Vasco emanate from construction and demolition activities followed by road dust – and not due to vehicle emissions – resulting in rise of particulate matter (10 micrometres) in size beyond the desirable limit of 60mpcm. Vehicle emissions and burning of waste in open are the main cause of air pollution in Panaji as a result PM 2.5 has exceeded three times in the last two years.

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