Thursday, December 24, 2015

Delhi Government Initiatives.... Exemptions to Odd/Even Rule from January 1st, 2016

Delhi announced the Odd/Even restrictions to control pollution between January 1st, 2016 and January 15th, 2016. Here is the list of exemptions listed @ Times of India
  • CNG vehicles
  • 2-wheelers
  • Cars driven by women and those carrying the differently-abled
  • Cars being accompanied by children up to the age of 12
  • Cars being driven in case of medical emergencies would be treated on "basis of trust"
  • VIP vehicles
  • Vehicles bearing defence ministry number plates
  • Vehicles bearing Special Protection Group protectees (SPG) 
  • Emergency and enforcement vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigade, police vehicles, transport department

    Violators would attract a penalty of Rs 2,000

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