Sunday, March 01, 2015

NTPC (India) Says Badarpur Power Plant Utilizes 113% of Ash

Really 113%.

The 40-year-old Badarpur thermal station has repeatedly made news for being 'inefficient' and 'polluting'. A recent study by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) listed it among the most polluting power stations in the country, and recommended closing it. But state-run NTPC, which owns and operates it, has cited data to claim that the plant, although old, is neither inefficient nor polluting.Last week, CSE had released a report claiming the Badarpur thermal station is one of the most polluting and inefficient thermal power plants in the country. NTPC official  said "The ash utilization at NTPC, Badarpur is more than 113% — way more than the industry standard"

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Either they are under reporting the amount of ash collected from the boiler; or over reporting the amount of ash utilized; or the facts are wrongly reported in the news article. Which one is it?

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