Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No More New Ambassador Cars

Last week the Magazine reported that production of India's famous Ambassador car has been stopped due to low demand. The article, which reflected on some of the cars finest and most frustrating features, prompted readers to send us their own memories of the iconic car.

I had the pleasure and pain of travelling in Ambassadors in the 1980s. I remember one journey when the glove box kept on falling open, and while still driving along (at speed) the driver took the keys out of the ignition, leaned over and locked the glove box. Jamie, St Albans, UK

For the me Ambassador is India. I remember as a teenager living in Bombay how keys fitted several cars and they all looked alike. Sometimes you drove off in the wrong one and had to go back and find your own. Lis Homan, Northumberland, UK

The only car I know that could lose a wheel and maintain its inimitable road-holding. In 1980 I lost one outside the Calcutta Zoo swerving to avoid a surging mass of humanity fleeing a torrential storm. The old bus got me home regardless and was back on the road next day. G J Prosser, Toronto, Canada

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