Saturday, July 12, 2014

National Committee Cracking Down on Polluters in Ulaanbaatar

The National Committee for Reducing Air Pollution (NCRAP) has sent official statements to 2,000 air polluting businesses operating in Ulaanbaatar, demanding they strictly follow pollutant emission standards as stated in the law. These 2,000 businesses produce around 20 percent of air pollution in Ulaanbaatar City, according to Secretary of NCRAP J.Erdenetsogt. More @ UB Post.

The businesses noted that their reason for poor enforcement of the standards was connected to their limited understanding of air pollution laws, so NCRAP provided guidance for meeting the standards as well. NRCAP will inspect each of the businesses from September 15 through October 15 to check whether they have fixed their stoves and other pollutant emitting equipment to keep their emissions within permitted levels. If they’ve failed in meeting standards, the business owners will face fines between 570,000 to 1,700,000 MNT, equal to three to nine times the minimum monthly wage, or will have their operation permits terminated.

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J.Erdenetsogt highlighted that such a wide range action against air polluters has never been taken before and NCRAP has high expectations of positive results. Emission standards for all types of stoves have been clearly outlines in their statement. “Professional organizations have found that air pollution has decreased over the past few years, although the public is not very convinced. Actually, air pollution in Ulaanbaatar can be reduced by 70 to 80 percent if households use improved stoves and briquettes properly, according to instructions,” J.Erdenetsogt also noted.

The UB Post has re-released its extensive coverage of air pollution in UB and its effects on public health. See our Facebook page for more information.

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