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Air Pollution News & Alerts - May 15th, 2014

The City Fix, May 15th, 2014
China Transportation Briefing: E-bikes and the challenge of traffic safety.

Air Quality News, May 15th, 2014
Heightened air pollution forecast over weekend.

Hindustan Times, May 14th, 2014
Are we doers or chokers? Capital’s air quality hinges on the answer.

Times of India, May 14th, 2014
Agra doctor moves green tribunal over air pollution.

Times of India, May 14th, 2014
WHO report prompts air pollution panel to look into Yamuna river.

Wash Plus, May 14th, 2014
Household air quality risk factors associated with childhood pneumonia in urban Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Science Daily, May 14th, 2014
Emissions by carbon-neutral municipalities down by almost 20 per cent in six years.

Science Daily, May 14th, 2014
Writing is on the wall for air pollution, thanks to air-cleansing poem.

The Guardian, May 14th, 2014
IPCC's outdated climate change communication won't cut it.

Forbes, May 14th, 2014
Scooters: Europe's Pollution Machines.

Reuters, May 14th, 2014
Refiners face $13 billion clean fuels bill.

Times of India, May 14th, 2014
November deadline for thermal plants on fly ash disposal.

Bloomberg, May 13th, 2014
Coal Pushback: Carbon Limits for New Power Plants Must Be ‘Grounded in Reality'.

The Guardian, May 13th, 2014
11 paths to electrifying Africa.

Inhabitat, May 13th, 2014
Giant Air-Purifying "Urban Forest" Unveiled for the Milan Expo 2015.

Scientific American, May 13th, 2014
Smog-Sucking Electrostatic Vacuum Cleaners May Scrub Polluted Air.

Quartz News, May 13th, 2014
Beijing just handed out the city’s largest-ever fine for air pollution—to a US joint venture.

NRDC Switchboard, May 13th, 2014
Mounting Evidence that EPA Must Curb Toxic Air Pollution from Fracking Sites.

ECNS, May 13th, 2014
Beijing-Tianjin electric vehicle network being built.

Xinhua Net, May 13th, 2014
China Exclusive: China to build 12 power transmission lines.

Live Mint, May 12th, 2014
IEA terms India’s plan to become energy independent as ambitious.

Hindustan Times, May 12th, 2014
2 of 3 plants shut, Punjab running on borrowed power.

The Globe and Mail, May 11th, 2014
India’s politicians are in denial about pollution.

Financial Express, May 11th, 2014
Worst Urban Air in Bangladesh.

Live Mint, May 11th, 2014
Emission panel for pan-India shift to Bharat Stage V fuel by 2020.

Financial Express, May 11th, 2014
Poor Air Quality of Dhaka.

Indian Express, May 10th, 2014
Choking on air.

Business Standard, May 10th, 2014
PSPCL to buy short-term power due to demand-supply gap.

DNA India, May 10th, 2014
Ahmedabad air: India's 5th most polluted.

Financial Express, May 10th, 2014
Delhi not alone, 25 other Indian cities have higher air pollution levels than Beijing.

Xinhua Net, May 10th, 2014
Chinese capital ranks 41 for livability as air pollution worsens.

Times of India, May 9th, 2014
Raipur among world's 20 most polluted cities.

Times of India, May 9th, 2014
Beijing battled crisis, Delhi fiddled.

UB Post, May 9th, 2014
New thermal power plants and improvements in soums.

Hindustan Times, May 9th, 2014
Air pollution in Amritsar declines, as per PPCB data.

Outlook, May 9th, 2014
BJP to Address Delhi Air Pollution Issue If Voted to Power.

Engineer Live, May 9th, 2014
Coal-fired technologies back in the spotlight.

Resource Investing News, May 9th, 2014
MicroCoal: A Look at Coal Upgrading Technology.

PR News Wire, May 8th, 2014
Air Quality Control Systems Market worth $78.0 Billion by 2019.

Economic Times, May 8th, 2014
India rejects WHO data showing Delhi air as world's dirtiest.

The Guardian, May 8th, 2014
India admits Delhi matches Beijing for air pollution threatening public health.

UK Mail Online, May 8th, 2014
Chinese city unveils mega spray that will squirt smog and pollution out of the sky.

CNN, May 8th, 2014
Top 20 most polluted cities in the world.

Financial Express, May 8th, 2014
Delhi is the most polluted city: World Health Organization.

First Post, May 8th, 2014
WHO report shows Delhi, not Beijing is worst in air pollution.

Xinhua Net, May 8th, 2014
Air quality deteriorates in most cities worldwide.

Wall Street Journal, May 7th, 2014
In Air Pollution Fight, Beijing Replaces BBQ With Burning Buses.

Reuters, May 7th, 2014
WHO finds Indian cities have dirtiest air; Chinese data foggy.

Deccan Herald, May 7th, 2014
Gwalior, Raipur, Delhi top air pollution list.

Science World Report, May 7th, 2014
WHO Reports Cities in India Have Worst Air Pollution.

Chicago Tribune, May 7th, 2014
China fertile ground for green progress.

Financial Express, May 7th, 2014
Protect the rivers in Dhaka from air pollution.

Times of India, May 7th, 2014
Chandigarh air hits new low.

UPI News, May 6th, 2014
China's freshest air could soon be inside cars.

DNA India, May 6th, 2014
Suffering from asthma? Avoid comfy auto rides, buses are safe in Pune.

The Week, May 5th, 2014
Beijing creates 'Airpocalypse' beer as tribute to the country's notoriously bad air.

South China Morning Post, May 5th, 2014
Beijing ramps up ‘war on pollution’ with record number of fines.

Energy Central, May 5th, 2014
Climate change threatens to worsen U.S. ozone pollution.

The Guardian, May 4th, 2014
Has cycling finally become a natural part of British city life?

The Hindu, May 3rd, 2014
The ‘cost’ of urban living.

IPP Media, May 3rd, 2014
Thousands die from city air pollution annually.

Coast Week, May 3rd, 2014
Ghanaian minister urges collaboration among African countries to reduce pollution levels.

Yale 360, May 3rd, 2014
In New Delhi, A Rough Road For Bus Rapid Transit Systems.

UK Daily Mail, May 3rd, 2014
Live 1,000ft from roads asthmatics are told: Scientists warn of growing impact of air pollution on sufferers.

Friday Flyer, May 2nd, 2014
Near and Far with The Friday Flyer: Student explores modern and ancient China.

The Hindu, May 2nd, 2014
A silent killer that’s not an election issue.

UK Metro, May 2nd, 2014
How air pollution shaped the capital.

Global Post, May 2nd, 2014
Chile's Bachelet unveils anti-pollution plan.

Air Quality News, May 2nd, 2014
Commons audit committee launches air quality inquiry.

CNN, May 2nd, 2014
Why is California 'worst'?

Forbes, May 1st, 2014
Air Pollution In China Inspires New Fashion Trend.

Shanghai Daily, May 1st, 2014
City aims to cut VOC for clean air.

CNN, May 1st, 2014
It's time to stop ignoring the bad air we breathe.

Australian Mining, May 1st, 2014
Is 'underground coal gasification' the new fracking?

The Hindu, April 29th, 2014
Overloaded trucks cause more pollution, accidents.

The Hindu, April 29th, 2014
Overloaded trucks cause more pollution, accidents.

Power Engineering, April 25th, 2014
EIA: Coal stockpiles at power plants expected to rebuild.

Power Engineering, April 25th, 2014
Australian government looks to reward efforts to curb emissions.

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