Sunday, December 22, 2013

Open Waste Burning Causing Pollution Problems in NOIDA

NOIDA is one of the satellite cities of Delhi.

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Lack of a proper solid waste management policy with Greater Noida Authority has invited the ire of residents and environmental activists. The Authority has chosen rural areas for disposing and burning municipal waste thereby causing large-scale air pollution and smog-like conditions, which has been spreading to urban areas as well.

Link to the article in Times of India.

Air Quality in Delhi
Activists allege that this practice was started after a cooperative housing society approached National Green Tribunal opposing dumping of garbage at a site owned by it in Greater Noida. They have complained that the Authority is dumping garbage adjacent to a 130m-wide road in Knowledge Park-V, near Tushiyana village.

115,000 MT of Solid Waste are Generated Every Day in India

The most affected areas are Khedi, Bhanauta, Tushiyana, Sunpura, Saini, Khodna and Bhuda villages. "An epidemic might result from this practice as chances of diseases spreading to even urban sectors cannot be ruled out," said Vikrant Tongad, environmentalist.

In addition, garbage disposed in this area is also being burnt regularly thereby generating large quantities of smoke. As a result, smog-like conditions have been prevailing in the area and spreading to expressways and main roads.

Composting Wet Household Waste for Green Surroundings !!

Activists have written to Greater Noida Authority and the district magistrate demanding end of this practice. They have asked Greater Noida Authority to speed up work on the proposed solid waste disposal plant in Astauli village.

They have also drawn the attention of EPCA-NCR to the issue of air pollution and diseases resulting from improper disposal of solid waste.

What a Waste?

Greater Noida Authority officials said that the site has been chosen for waste disposal during the period the proposed MSW plant is commissioned. They have also rejected complaints of burning garbage. "The waste is probably being burnt by some miscreants despite prohibition. We have launched an inspection and will heavily penalize the offenders," said a senior official.

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