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Air Pollution News & Alerts - February 12th, 2012

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(Last on January 22nd, 2012)

Down To Earth, February, 2012
Pollution glorified.

The Sunday Guardian, February 12th, 2012
You don’t breathe here, you gasp in Delhi.

Economic Times, February 10th, 2012
IIT-Delhi scientists develop autos that run on hydrogen; cause negligible pollution.

The Daily Star, February 10th, 2012
Traffic jam polluting air.

UPI, February 9th, 2012
Beijing tackles air pollution.

Asia Times, February 9th, 2012
India chokes on environmental slight.

The Jerusalem Post, February 8th, 2012
Dust storm from North Africa fogs Israel.

Crienglish, February 8th, 2012
Beijing to Plant More Trees to Combat Pollution.

The World Bank, February 8th, 2012
Cleaner Bricks for Better Air Quality in Dhaka.

Today, February 8th, 2012
Harder to breathe easy in Asia?

Ecologist, February 7th, 2012
Stop the biomass blackout: say no to the UK's destructive bioenergy policies.

Times Live, February 7th, 2012
The real cost of fracking.

Scientific American, February 7th, 2012
Popular Opinion on Climate Change Traced to Political Elites.

Scientific American, February 7th, 2012
Can Cleaner Cooking and Solar Power Help Solve Energy Poverty in Africa?

The Guardian, February 7th, 2012
Why the energy industry is so invested in climate change denial.

Congress for American Progress, February 7th, 2012
Shining a Light on U.S.-China Clean Energy Cooperation.

Hindustan Times, February 5th, 2012
Air in India among the world's most deadly.

Times of India, February 5th, 2012
Air quality monitoring stations set up in 7 cities.

MoNRE, February 4th, 2012
Scientists say air pollution at night increasing in Vietnam.

Times of India, February 3rd, 2012
Building a new urban India.

SEI, February 1st, 2012
Ozone pollution hurts crops across continents.

UB Post, February 1st, 2012
Radiative cooling causes mist in Ulaanbaatar.

Vietnam Net, February 1st, 2012
Hanoi’s air quality declines.

Vietnam News, January 31st, 2012
Plan to perfect air-quality monitoring system underway.

Discover Magazine, January 30th, 2012
20 Things You Didn't Know About... Clouds.

Scientific American, January 29th, 2012
How Much Energy Do You Waste Charging Your Cell Phone?

The Hindu, January 28th, 2012
India has the most toxic air.

The NY Times, January 27th, 2012
Popular Criticism Cracks China’s Wall of Denial About Pollution.

Union of Concerned Scientists, January 27th, 2012
California Adopts Robust Plan for Cleaner Cars.

Mongolia News, January 26th, 2012
Lawyers blame Government for air pollution.

UB Post, January 26th, 2012
The future of renewable energy in Mongolia.

China Dialogue, January 26th, 2012
Chinese waste: the burning issue.

The Pioneer, January 25th, 2012
Choking the life force of our cities.

The Hindu Business Line, January 25th, 2012
Auto industry looks for clarity on diesel pricing.

National Geographic, January 25th, 2012
Scavenging for Charcoal Fuel in the Rubbish of Manila.

The Epoch Times, January 25th, 2012
Clean Air Targets Disappointing in Hong Kong.

Times of India, January 25th, 2012
A tale for many cities in India.

Asia Times, January 25th, 2012
China, India enter heating-up Arctic race.

The Guardian, January 25th, 2012
Does God care about climate change - video.

Science Daily, January 25th, 2012
Injecting Sulfate Particles Into Stratosphere Won't Fully Offset Climate Change.

NPR, January 24th, 2012
Op-Ed: The Verdict Is In On Climate Change.

WWF Mongolia, January 23rd, 2012
A year to fight against air pollution and environmental degradation.

Co-Exist, January 23rd, 2012
A New Sustainable City Rises In Bangladesh.

Asia One, January 23rd, 2012
Balancing economic growth and well-being in Singapore.

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