Monday, December 13, 2010

Pollution Fees Introduced in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Control Polluting Emissions

The changing demographics, industrialization, and motorization, have spurred an increase in the demand for energy (primarily met by coal combustion) in several sectors including transport, construction, heating, industrial production, and have resulted in challenges related to the secondary effects of growth such as pollution from transport, waste disposal, and natural resource mining among others. A series of options to control pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia are discussed here.

A new law is passed in Mongolia to collect fees from coal users.

The main concept of the law is that a person or an organization that pollutes the air will pay money and air pollution will be reduced with this money. As it is a new form of duty, it will not be effective on a broad scale and the legislation imposes fees on 6 subjects. For instance, a duty of Tg1 is imposed on each kg of coal being extracted by industries. With the accumulated money, a conservation fund will be founded.
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