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Real Time Air Quality and Air Quality Index for Delhi, India

posted by for the six stations operated by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee. There are more stations in Delhi, which are operated by the Central Pollution Control Board and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, but access to the data is limited. You can access the DPCC station data @

Click on the Delhi map to read the current level of pollution and calculated health index. The health index is calculated by staff @ and not an official release of authorities responsible for monitoring in Delhi.

Click on the stations below for direct links

Previous Post - 17/August/2010

Based on the examples across the globe, a new methodology is developed to estimate the air quality index for Delhi, India. New paper in the SIM-series, No.35 - "Air Quality Index for Delhi, India: Trend Analysis & Implications for 2010 Commonwealth Games" presents the methodology adjusted to reflect the new ambient air quality standards issued in November, 2009 by the Central Pollution Control Board of India.

Data from two monitoring stations is analyzed in this paper - (1) a traffic junction @ ITO and (2) Delhi College of Engineering. At the monitoring sites, AQI is often more than the healthy levels of 150 (on a scale of 0 to 500). The ITO is a traffic junction and accounted for only 19% of the days less then 100 AQI and 33% of the days less than 150. The DCE in the north and tends to measure lower than the city averages and yet struggled to stay in the green with only 24% of the days less than 150 AQI.

In Figures below, the winter months are highlighted with a blue box for each year. The winter months experience the worst pollution in each year starting in October and leading up to the February, the following year. For more details, download the full report.

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