Thursday, May 27, 2010

Polluting Industrial Units Ordered to Close in Nangloi, Delhi, India

An article in Indian Express on May 26th, 2010, documents the efforts of local groups to close down polluting industrial units in Nangloi, an industrial area, West of Delhi, India (see map above). A total of 80 units have been shut down in the area.

The closure of polluting units in Nangloi village in the wake of a Delhi High Court order in March has brought to light that a large number of industries, totally prohibited within the Capital, were also operational in the area for years.

"The amount of dust and other particles in the air has come down,” said Rajeev, an advocate who lives in the area.

See more media reports on air pollution in Delhi.

More such actions will be necessary to achieve the goal of "clean air" for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. See how Beijing did it for 2008 Olympic Games.

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