Friday, December 18, 2009

Space-Time Exposure Modelling System in London

My previous posts looked at the need for monitoring what matters the most and also discussed the five basic things for Urban air quality management and also explained in a primer for AQM (Figure). One of the main reasons why we monitoring the air pollution is health impacts. The more we monitor, the we understand the spatial patterns and temporal trends in the city air pollution. On the other, we can also model the same and use it a spatial 3D outlay, as it was done in London and use the same or similar models to forecast the air quality and present it as an index.

Now, we have a new study called "Space-Time Exposure Modelling System" (STEMS), as a pilot in London. The pilot focuses on modelling impacts on air pollution exposures, and associated modification in health risks to air pollution, of the London ‘Low Emissions Zone’ (LEZ). It builds on existing technologies, the airTEXT air quality forecasting and alerting system for London,

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