Monday, December 21, 2009

ATMoS-4.0: Simplified Atmospheric Transport Dispersion Model for the SIM-air Tool

In the SIM-air tool, all the calculations, including the conversion of emissions to concentrations, are conducted in Excel, using the source-receptor transfer matrix (SRTM). The transfer matrix, which enables the conversion of emissions to concentrations, is based on a dispersion model, which is not included the Excel analytical tool. This part of the calculations (generating the SRTM) is conducted outside the SIM-air tool and then transferred into Excel to enable further analysis to health impacts and optimization.

A number of dispersion models are available to support the development of SRTM; some are free for use with some technical support and some are available at commercial level. As usual, the dispersion models are very data intensive and need substantial training, before using the models for analysis.

At the training events, there was one question which was asked repeatedly is “access to a dispersion model, when the data available is minimum, experience is limited, and yet there is need for some rapid assessment”.

While we supplemented the need for a dispersion model with SRTM concept, the generation of the SRTM based on a dispersion model is now available. This paper describes a simplified dispersion model ATMoS-4.0 to generate SRTM using minimum data inputs for direct use in SIM-air for urban applications.

Also see the SIM-air working papers.

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