Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions: (6) Is PM the Most Harmful?

There is no direct answer for this question.

The new research on the fine PM, ultrafine PM, and nano PM suggest that the impact of the PM particulates on human health is underestimated (e.g., HEI Studies). The complexity in pointing out a single source or a single pollutant is primarily due to the inter-independencies and the chemical mechanisms involved in the formation of the PM, which combines the properties of most of the criteria pollutants.

See SIM Series "Estimate Health Impacts of Air Pollution" for average dose response functions for mortality and morbidity.

While the dose response functions give an indication of the possible impacts of PM pollution, there is more, in terms of smog (visibility impacts), linkages to ozone pollution and agricultural yield, and impact of aerosols on climate change (and inherent impacts of local and global environment).

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