Thursday, January 05, 2017

A Primer on Air Quality Management

A prerequisite to a air quality management plan is some idea of (a) how much is the pollution (monitoring trends) (b) where is the pollution coming (spatial trends) (c) who is contributing to the pollution (source trends) (d) when is the pollution (temporal trends) (e) what can be do about the pollution (control tends). This involves a long line of discussions, surveys, modeling, planning, and finally implementation of the decisions for better air quality. We put together an easy to read primer of these steps, an understanding of the players involved in the process, and how to start to think about managing the information for better air quality. You can download a pdf version of the primer here or browse the pages below

Stakeholders represented in the picture are from Aide Agency, Academics, Government, Industry, NGO, and a facilitator.

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