Wednesday, August 06, 2008

3D Map of Air Pollution in London

A great example of 3D exploration of air pollution in London.

In July 2006, an interactive three-dimensional map that allows users to "fly" above London to see pollution hotspots was launched by the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, at the University College London and King's College. The easy-to-use tool allows transport and urban planners, as well as the general public, to zoom in on different areas to see how clean particular neighborhoods are. It is the first time air pollution for an entire city has been related to the built environment. The map also provides projections of air quality up to 2010, taking into account measures adopted at local and national government levels to improve the air Londoners breathe.

"London Needs to Work on Air Quality Too" Olympics special on BBC Sports (August 4th, 2008).

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