Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walkability Scores for Your Neighbourhood

San Francisco, New York and Boston are the United States' most walkable cities, according to new rankings from a website that evaluates how easy it is to live in the nation's cities and neighborhoods without a car (Reuters)

For details on methodology and how your neighborhood ranks check

An application of Walkability index developed and applied in the developing countries (Ahmedabad, India by Ms. Holly Krambeck, MIT) is available @ Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities; funded and piloted by the World Bank (Washington DC)

Air pollution, besides the infrastructure requirements, is one of the key indicators to score high on walkability.

In Asia Sentinal (July 19th, 2008) - Asia's Good Walks Spoiled, discusses walkability issues in Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and what is required in Asia... "perhaps the people at can take on this region next. We like to take a walk also and maybe they can tell us where to go."

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