Thursday, December 09, 2010

Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Recently Hong Kong was listed in the top 10 World's worst polluted cities.

For more on the air pollution in Hong Kong (current and past trends) click here. Also visit Civic Exchange, Hong Kong's independent think thank on energy and environmental issues for reports and publications on a variety of issues related Hong Kong.

An article on December 8th, 2010, by Corporate Social Responsibility Asia in Hong Kong had two outstanding speakers shedding light on the challenge – the one an impassioned environmentalist and the other a business leader. While Joanne Ooi, CEO of Clean Air Network and Tim Smith, CEO of Maersk Line in North Asia, could not have been more different in terms of their professional backgrounds, they shared similar views on how to tackle the problem of air pollution – through proactive business practices and engagement with governments to set necessary regulations. Read more @ CSR Asia.

Promoting the use of low sulfur fuel @ Hong Kong ports

This is an infomercial by Clean Air Network of Hong Kong.

A promotional video from the Government of Hong Kong to raise awareness on air pollution in the city and what the public can do.

Focus on Film... clips of public interviews on air pollution in Hong Kong

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