Thursday, June 04, 2009

Photochemistry of Air Pollution in Delhi (SIM Series)

In the SIM 25-2009 working paper, "Photochemistry of Air Pollution in Delhi, India: A Monitoring Based Analysis", the monitoring data from the Indian Tax Office (ITO) station in Delhi, India, (operated by the Central Pollution Control Board) is analyzed to explain the observed trends in the criteria pollutants, PM2.5, NOx, CO, and Ozone. The photochemical formation of Ozone, including the seasonal and diurnal cycles, influence of NOx-VOC chemistry and policy implications of further controls is discussed in this paper.

Figures below present the correlation between the observed monthly 24-hr averages over the period of 2006-09. The measurements for the summer months are separated.

Figure below present the correlation between the observed hourly concentrations, to analyze the diurnal variations. The hourly averages are obtained over the entire 2008.

The last figure presents the photostationary state during the day time. For details on the photochemical analysis and information on the monitoring data, refer to the working paper @

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