Monday, April 20, 2009

Economics of Oil Price and Fuel Sources (Financial Times)

Oil Price at Which Fuel Sources Become Economically Viable.
Financial Times, December 21, 2008

An interesting and informative chart on the economic viability of the current and alternative fuels. Click on the image to enlarge view and read the original article.

It is interesting to note that when the oil price reached $140 in 2008, it made sense to go after the biofuels, but since the drop back to the "normal", the thinking is back to focus on what is essential (food).
Top Scientists Warn Against Rush on Biofuels (Guardian)

See "Fields of Fuels?" for more information on why Biofuels are not enough to meet the demand nor the way forward (at least at the commercial level). The rural sector applications look to make some progress.

The clearing of rain forests in Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia (Fire & Haze - Cost of Catastrophes, Global Palm Oil Demand Fueling Reforestation by WWI, April, 2009), is rampant and the cost of biofuel boom is destroying the forests.

Also see Biofuels could fuel rainforest destruction.

A paper by Dr. Mark Jacobson ranks Wind and Geothermal energy higher than the CCS or other "clean" technologies.

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