Sunday, July 31, 2016

Air Pollution Linked to Brain Disorders

Dirty gray particulates hanging around as you inhale aren’t too helpful for public health. Particulates spewing from ICE cars, trucks, and buses affect many people worse than pollen. New research by the American Psychological Association reports that I am not alone in being concerned about this.

The American Psychological Association (APA) links air pollution to brain disorders and diminished cognitive abilities. “Smog in our brains,” published by the American Psychological Association, links air pollution to increased depression, troubles for children in their educational process, and degenerative problems.

“Now, the evidence is mounting that dirty air is bad for your brain as well,” APA writes. Kristin Weir points out, “That yellow haze of smog hovering over the skyline isn’t just a stain on the view. It may also leave a mark on your mind.”

Thank you, APA, for another study to add to the wealth of research supporting commonsense — air pollution is a dumb choice, especially now that we have competitive electric transport and clean electricity options.

Read the full article @ Clean Technica

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