Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Best and The Worst of the Pollution Masks

This is an article @ My Health Beijing

Which mask is the best against pollution? I can’t really answer that for everyone, as our faces have different sizes and shapes. I’ve recently shared results from three large tests, which unfortunately didn’t review many of the consumer masks I’ve used. But I can now tell you exactly which of those popular masks is perfect for me, and maybe we all can learn a bit from my adventure. Here’s my tale.

Selling masks in India is the new big business

In my seemingly never-ending quest for the best research on masks, I recently started to correspond with the research team at 3M, and during our conversations they very nicely offered to let me use their TSI Portacount Pro+ machine at their testing lab in Beijing (with no oversight of my results or article). This is the most widely used machine to officially test a mask’s effectiveness on a person’s face, and on a nicely smoggy day (another typically hazardous AQI over 150) I tested nine masks to find out which worked best for my face: three 3M models; Totobobo; Vogmask; Respro Techno; I Can Breathe Honeycomb; Lvdun 绿盾; and a surgical mask.

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