Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Economist on Energy in India: The Future is Black

From Mr. Lalloobhoy Battliwala

Energy - anything and everything to do with the production, transport, trade, and use of coal, oil, gas, electricity, even wood and other biomass for energy - is the signature failure of Indian governance. Ignorance (sometimes deliberate), secrecy, hubris, stupidity, combine to 1) keep half the India in the dark (always or occasionally) and 2) bleed India's resources (from the taxpayer or the user).

We have gone on muddling through and wasting time for all these years, is there any reason to change?

Does anybody care?

"If the test is avoiding a national catastrophe, India’s power sector will pass it. But if it is delivering the infrastructure that can allow the economy to grow at close to a double-digit pace and industrialise rapidly, India is failing."

It's not just power delivery. Everything in energy is failing.


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India untangling !!

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