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Air Pollution Alerts - December 19th, 2010

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(Last on December 12th, 2010)

National Academy Press, December 2010
Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change.

Ghana Web, December 18th, 2010
The Emerging Natural Gas Industry in Ghana.

The Atlantic, December 17th, 2010
Who Spends the Most Energy on Research, Development, and Deployment?

Global Times, December 17th, 2010
Is it time to drop Beijing as capital?

Environmental Tech, December 17th, 2010
Air quality index reveals world's most polluted city.

KQED News, December 17th, 2010
The Other Effect of CA's Clean Air Laws.

Los Angeles Times, December 17th, 2010
California air regulators approve carbon-trading plan.

Business Standard, December 17th, 2010
Need to review policies on urban devt.

UnEarthed Justice, December 16th, 2010
Mapping Mortality: Air Pollution's Deadly Impact.

Times of India, December 16th, 2010
Chitradurga beats Bangalore in traffic density.

EV World, December 16th, 2010
Tehran's Pollution: A Personal Perspective.

All Africa, December 16th, 2010
Africa: Is China Greening Continent?

The Washington Post, December 16th, 2010
Who's more toxic, China or India?

Express Buzz, December 16th, 2010
A step closer to mobility hub.

Environmental Tech, December 15th, 2010
Electric car grants to improve UK air quality.

Climate-L, December 15th, 2010
UNEP Publishes Report on the Role of Ecosystems in Developing a Sustainable Economy.

Global Research, December 15th, 2010
‘Climate Capitalism’ Won At Cancun – Everyone Else Loses.

Financial Times, December 15th, 2010
Winter ‘fog’ leaves Delhi gasping for air.

Scientific American, December 15th, 2010
How to Stop Black Carbon?

Times of India, December 15th, 2010
Winter pollution leads to rise in health problems.

New Scientist, December 15th, 2010
CancĂșn analysis: Dawn breaks on low-carbon world.

Science, December 14th, 2010
Cutting Soot Counteracts Warming in California.

Examiner, December 14th, 2010
Is Environmental Protection Political or Regional.

Greater Kashmir, December 14th, 2010
Urban mobility in historic cities –heritage redefined.

Capital Vue, December 14th, 2010
China Coal Energy's Raw Coal Output Up 40% In November.

Times of India, December 14th, 2010
Delhi breathing deadly gases.

MSN News, Decemner 14th, 2010
Indonesia parliament agrees to curb fuel subsidies.

Xiamen News, December 14th, 2010
Xiamen strives to build China's best 'Liveable City'.

New York Times, December 14th, 2010
Does China Face a ‘Peak Coal’ Threat?

CSE, December 13th, 2010
Winter pollution is back with a difference. City now faces the threat of multiple pollutants going up together.

Wales Online, December 13th, 2010
Call for funds to promote more walking and cycling.

All Africa, Senegal, December 13th, 2010
Putting Urban Gardens On the Map.

CNN, December 13th, 2010
Clearing the air on electric cars.

Los Angeles Times, December 13th, 2010
West Coast coal exports to China challenged on greenhouse gases.

Xinhua Net, December 2nd, 2010
Wind blows away Beijing's murky haze but not pollutants.

CNN, November 29th, 2010
Current emissions risk 'devastating' temperature rise.

Xinhua Net, November 25th, 2010
Factories in China's most polluted city make way for cleaner air.

China Daily, November 25th, 2010
Shanghai pollution reaches a new high.

Xinhua Net, November 24th, 2010
China boosts coal shipments to power plants amid shortages.

Xinhua Net, November 23rd, 2010
Lhasa suffers congestion as vehicle fleet expands.

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