Friday, January 30, 2009

Green Essentials in Goa, India

At Green Essentials, we sell natural and eco-friendly alternatives to several every-day products used in most of our homes. These products can make a real difference to your immediate environment by making it cleaner, chemical-free and beautiful.

Put simply, our goal is to encourage (and enable) doing small things to produce less waste, eat healthier and release fewer chemicals in the environment.

Most importantly, we believe that ‘Going Green’ doesn’t have to be a full-time job nor should it become ‘another mouth to feed’. Which is why the ‘green’ products we offer fit into your life seamlessly, making it easier, not harder and are so affordable that you don’t end up spending any more than you normally do.

Some of the products that you can currently find at our store are:
  • Garbage management products – Composting pots for apartment dwellers (from Daily Dump in Bangalore)
  • Natural insect and pest repellents – Mosquito repellent cum air freshener, Plant-pest repellent, General insect repellent
  • Natural home decor – Indoor plants, Kitchen herb pots, Planters and pots
And more will follow...

Find us @ Taliegao, Panjim, Goa. Right on the new Taleigao-St. InezRoad, near Ideal Primary School.

You can also contact "Green Essentials" @ +91-832-2451823 or +91-9960643250.

See the movie "Garbage, the revolution starts at home" and read more at their website.

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