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2008 SIM-series

In 2008, 14 working papers were published under the SIM series.

SIM 01-2008: Using Google Earth for GIS Road Maps
For the transport sector emissions analysis, a good database of the urban road maps is required. This working paper describes a methodology to develop a set of road maps in GIS format using Google Earth.

SIM 02-2008: Four Simple Equations for Vehicular Emissions Inventory
This working paper explains four different equations to develop an emissions inventory - using base as (a) number of vehicles (b) fuel consumption by mode (c) passenger kilometers traveled or (d) ambient data followed by source apportionment. Each methodology has its advantages and disadvantages and an explanation is provided for developing the involved parameters.

SIM 03-2008: Informed Decision Support for AQM in Developing Cities

SIM 04-2008: Simple and Interactive Models for Air Pollution Analysis

This working paper provides an overview of the SIM-air analytical tool for the rapid assessment and integrated analysis.

SIM 05-2008: Urban Air Pollution Analysis for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
This is an executive summary of the analysis conducted for the city of Ulaanbaatar with 2005 as the base year and particulates as the criteria pollutant. An AQM action plan for year 2020 was developed. A series of management options were analysis following the development of an emissions inventory and dispersion modeling.

SIM 06-2008: Estimating Health Impacts of Urban Air Pollution
This working paper presents a methodology to estimate health impacts - mortality and morbidity - of urban air pollution. A summary of the dose response functions and literature is also presented.

SIM 07-2008: Estimating Road Dust Emissions: Methods & Parameters
Dust 1.01, an excel based tool to calculate dust emissions on paved and unpaved roads, due to vehicular activity.

SIM 08-2008: Co-Benefits: Management Options for Local Pollution & GHG Emission Control
This working paper presents a summary of possible co-benefits of various management options - for outdoor and indoor air pollution.

SIM 09-2008: Air Pollution & Co-Benefits Analysis for Hyderabad, India
This is an executive summary of the analysis conducted for the city of Hyderabad with 2006 as the base year and particulates as the criteria pollutant. A Co-benefit AQM action plan was developed for year 2020 and submitted to local pollution control board.

SIM 10-2008: What is Particulate Matter - Composition & Summary?

SIM 11-2008: Urban Transport in India - Not so Fast for Nano Car
This working paper describe the urban transport - public and private in India and possible implications or benefits of have a small and efficient cars.

SIM 12-2008: DIESEL Program in Bangkok
For details visit - DIESEL Page

SIM 13-2008: VAPIS - Vehicular Air Pollution Information System
This is an explanation for methodology No.1 presented in SIM 02-2008 and an excel based tool to plug and play.

SIM 14-2008: An "Air Quality Management" Action Plan for Hanoi, Vietnam
This is a summary of the AQM action plan for 2020 developed for the city of Hanoi, with 2006 as the base year.

SIM-air - Simple Interactive Models for better air quality @

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