Sunday, September 08, 2019

Whats the Difference Between Air Quality and Air Quality Index?

Thinking Air Purifiers Will Solve Air Pollution Problem is Disingenuous and a Waste of Important Resources

There are many ideas to improve air quality. Some of them have been tossed around for a couple of decades now. An action plan the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) published in 1997 found its way after 20 years into the hands of the Delhi government.

These are not overnight solutions. They include improving infrastructure, urban transport and solid waste management. As a result, it requires patience, long-term planning, interdepartmental cooperation and, most importantly, joint action by all political parties, since the implementation and outcomes can have a considerable time lag. All straightforward – but not simple to pull off.

This is why technological gimmicks that promise overnight improvements without any reduction in emissions, systemic policy changes or infrastructural improvement are bound to be disingenuous, and a waste of important resources. And this is exactly what the multiple proposals to install air purifiers at intersections to reduce ambient air pollution are.

We cannot improve air pollution by sucking pollutants out of the atmosphere. The only way to control pollution is by controlling pollutants entering the atmosphere – i.e. by controlling emissions.

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