Monday, October 24, 2016

Dusty Roads in Hyderabad

Air pollution levels in the city have become a cause for worry because this is one of the major parameters in the Centre’s Swachh survey of India. The city records above permissible limits in respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) due to dust from under-repair roads and carbon monoxide pollution caused by vehicular exhaust.

Of the five parameters on which air pollution is judged, Hyderabad does poorly in two while rating as average on the others. In the 2015 Swachh survey, Hyderabad stood at the 19th position. “The other parameters include sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide (gases emanating from industrial sector). On this front, the city is in the safe zone as the two gases are within standard levels. The major concern is RSPM which is the result of the dust from roads that enters the bloodstream and causes various lung-related diseases and eye problems,” said environmentalist W.B. Prasanna Kumar,

The second issue of major concern is the carbon monoxide from vehicular emissions and from burning of leaf litter. “There is no separate disposal system for leaf litter. The waste, when burnt, releases carbon monoxide. RSPM and carbon monoxide are above the standard limits which is a matter of concern for us,” Mr Prasanna Kumar said.

Read the full article @ Deccan Chronicle The modeled source contributions to the ambient particulate pollution (PM2.5) in Hyderabad district is presented below. The calculations are conducted in forecast mode. More district reports @ India Air Quality.Info

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