Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beijing to Limit the Number the Vehicles to 6 Million by 2017

Deputy mayor of Beijing, said on August 13 that curbing the amount of cars on the roads is a big and direct challenge to limiting PM2.5 emissions. In addition to reducing vehicles on the roads by the end of next year, Zhang said Beijing is also set to upgrade the fuel standard. Vehicle emissions are believed to be the main contributing factor to pollution. Zhang said he hopes that limiting traffic in the capital city will control the emissions from cars and encourage residents to reduce vehicle use.

Improving air quality is a key priority for Beijing. In December last year, the city announced the first of a series of 'red alert' pollution warnings. The warnings advised educational institutions to close down and ordered cars to only drive on an odd-even number plate basis. Beijing still has a tough fight ahead of it, Zhang said, and he highlighted a gap between the country's standard and public anticipation. In Beijing, the PM2.5 density on an annual average is 1.3 times higher as the national limit.

By giving priority to public transportation, developing footpaths and bicycle lanes, and providing public bicycle rental services are key measures to building a greener traffic network, Zhang added. Beijing's subway and rail network is expected to reach over 900 km by 2020. With continued public awareness of vehicular emissions, measures to control the number of cars on the road, as well as providing alternative measures and innovative transport services, the fight against pollution in Beijing can make steady steps towards the over-all improvement of air quality in the city.

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