Monday, August 10, 2015

Diesel vs. CNG Buses in Delhi !!

The advocacy group Embarq studied emissions from buses run on different fuels in Mexico, Brazil and India, and found that CNG buses emit more micro particles. “Lowsulphur diesel particles were found to be slightly bigger than those from CNG. We also found that overloaded CNG vehicles emit even more micro particles,“ said Amit Bhatt, strategy head, urban transport, Embarq. “We can say that Euro V and Euro VI diesel is as good as CNG in terms of other pollutants, and superior if you consider particulate emissions,“ Bhatt added. For now, CNG can't be labeled a highly polluting fuel because its particulate emissions are lower than those from diesel. Anumita Roychowdhury , head of Centre for Science and Environment's Clean Air campaign, said European countries have started measuring ultrafine particles because they have addressed the problem of particulate emissions from diesel. India, however, should focus on reducing PM emissions that are a leading cause of death, she added. Read more @ Times of India

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