Sunday, April 19, 2015

Interesting Editorials and Op-Eds Published (in the last month) on Air Pollution in Delhi (and India)

Op-Ed by Sarath Guttikunda on 2015/Mar/21

Leave Delhi - That’s what doctors are prescribing to patients with serious respiratory ailments
Editorial by Indian Express on 2015/Apr/02

Dealing with air pollution in our cities
Op-Ed by Dinesh Mohan on 2015/Apr/04

Mumbai to Chennai: How Delhi could show the wayOp-Ed by Aniruddha Ghosalon 2015/Apr/09

Take a deep breath
Op-Ed by Rajat Kathuria and Nicholas Stern on 2015/Apr/10

A new vehicle for clean air
Op-Ed by Sunita Narain on 2015/Apr/11

Make the polluter pay
Op-Ed by Michael Greenstone, Rohini Pande, Nicholas Ryan and Anant Sudarshan on 2015/Apr/13

Government will ask NGT to review truck ban
Editorial by Indian Express on 2015/Apr/13
(Infograph on impact of this ban)

Take a longer, larger view
Op-Ed by Dinesh Mohan on 2015/Apr/14

What Delhi can learn from Paris
Op-Ed by Francois Richier on 2015/Apr/15

In Delhi, do as Beijing does
Op-Ed by Michael Walsh on 2015/Apr/17

Swachh Bharat should include Swachh air
Op-Ed by Jyothi Parikh on 2015/Apr/18

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