Thursday, May 15, 2014

Urban Forest for Milan Expo 2015

The external facade of Nemesi & Partners‘ Palazzo Italia is made from a special type of air-cleaning cement patented by Italcementi. According to the architects, “In direct sunlight, the active principle contained in the material ‘captures’ certain pollutants present in the air and converts them into inert salts, helping to purify the atmosphere from smog.” Read more @ inhabitat

Inspired by traditional Italian villages, the internal structure of the Palazzo Italia takes the form of a central square. Four separate blocks will surround this square to provide space for exhibitions, events, offices and meeting rooms. Temporary “Cardo buildings” will also provide European Union spaces, additional exhibition spaces, and restaurants for Expo attendees.
Nemesi & Partners won an international competition held in 2013 to decide who would design the pavilion. Since then, they have brought onboard the engineering firms Proger and BMS Projects, along with the sustainability consultant Livio De Santoli to ensure the building will be ready in time for the expo next year.

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