Thursday, January 30, 2014

India Ranked 155th Among 178 Countries in the 2014 Environmental Performance Index

A global analysis of how nations tackle environmental challenges has ranked India 155 among 178 nations and labelled the country’s air quality among the worst in the world, tying it with China in exposing its population to hazardous air pollution.

Image from the Telegraph India.
The Environmental Performance Index 2014, generated by researchers at Yale University in the US, has bracketed India among “bottom performers” on several indicators such as environmental health impact, air quality, water and sanitation.

Compared with EPI 2010 — when India ranked 123 among 163 countries — the rank of 155 now among 178 countries suggests that the country’s position has worsened since then. Fifteen countries were added since 2010 but India’s position fell by 32 notches.

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