Sunday, December 22, 2013

Steve Colbert on Cooling the Earth: An All-Chocolate Dinner


From Mr. Lalloobhoy Battliwala

Happy holidays! Enjoy the show. There are enough people to be saved right now from the climate.

Link to the article on NY Times Blog.

The Colbert Report
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by Andrew Revkin

I’ve been meaning to post this since Tuesday, but better late than never. I encourage you, as a tonic for anything that ails, to watch Stephen Colbert’s conversation with David Keith, the Harvard professor of applied physics and public policy, on his book, “A Case for Climate Engineering.”
The discussion is all aimed at humor, of course, with Colbert reacting to Keith’s argument for blunting global warming with sun-blocking sulfate aerosols this way:
So we owe acid rain an apology, is what you’re saying.
And to drive the point home further, he adds:
This is the all-chocolate dinner. I get to have my CO2 and I get to spray sulfuric acid all over the Earth.
But behind the laughs, they end up circling to serious issues, including the question I’ve explored here several times: Who gets to set Earth’s thermostat?

Highly paid comedians aren’t alone in touching on engineering the climate in a lighthearted way. In case you missed it, here’s a student-shot video explaining geo-engineering, which I first highlighted in my 2008 post “Fun With Mirrors and Dust – a Climate Fix?”:

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