Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SIM-air Paper No.37: Integrated Air Pollution Modeling for Pune, India

This study under the SIM-air program was initiated to better understand the sources of air pollution in the Pune city and to support an integrated dialogue between local pollution management and climate policy in a co-benefits framework.

Annual emissions for the base year 2010 are estimated at ~36,600 tons of PM10, ~16,600 tons of PM2.5, ~3,600 tons of SO2, ~127,500 of NOx, ~438,000 tons of CO, and ~13.4 million tons of CO2. The dispersion modeling results for PM10 annual average concentrations, overlaid on the gridded population at the same resolution are utilized for calculating the health impacts, estimated at ~3,600 premature deaths in 2010. Six “what-if” interventions were modeled for 2020 with expected benefit of 39% reduction in premature mortality and mitigation of ~3.0 million tons of CO2/yr.

Download the paper @ SIM-air working paper series.

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