Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Improved Cookstoves in South Asia

today.. From Mr. Lalloobhoy Battliwala

A good literature review.

Can't tell just what was improved or how long the improvement lasted. If there were fuel savings, no idea where they were banked and at what interest rate.

Why, just why, do the poor have to be cheapened down (as in being "dumbed down")? Why is their choice limited to status quo, $5-20 'improved' stoves that are not convenient or reliable (and rarely purchased again), or switching to charcoal, kerosene, LPG and electricity?

I reckon "modern" fuels (incl. processed solid fuels) - and purchased prepared or semi-prepared food - have captured ~70% of the incremental cooking/heating market for the poor in the last 30 years, "traditional" fuels and stoves another 25%, and "improved stoves" with "traditional fuels" perhaps 5% if that and perhaps on a non-sustained basis (meaning, x here for ten years, y there for three years).

I always want to be proven wrong, but would rather be surprised by a stove that works and is desired, and given as a wedding gift.


Read the full report "Improved Cookstoves in South Asia"

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