Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Cycle Ride to Protest Air Pollution in London

From Climate Rush in London, UK

Air pollution in London is the worst in the UK and among the worst in Europe, with fatal consequences. But we can do something about it. Climate Rush are organising a cycle flashmob. We’re all going to die. Join us and together, we’ll get London breathing.

We’re acting because:

  • Clean air in the city would prevent about 4,300 premature deaths each year.
  • Breathing London’s air reduces the life expectancy of those who die prematurely from it by 11 years on average.
  • Air pollution from our busiest roads exacerbates asthma and may cause it.
  • Deaths and illnesses from air pollution in the capital cost up to £2bn a year.

Protest for tougher legislation cause if not… we’re all gonna die.

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