Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Scooters due to Public Transport Cuts in Amsterdam

Public transport cuts will result in even more scooters in Amsterdam, Fietsersbond, Milieucentrum Amsterdam and Vélo Mondial warn. Today they will present Alderman Eric Wiebes with a petition against scooter nuisance singed by almost six thousand people.

The initiators want the most polluting motors banned; they want all scooters banned from bicycle paths and they want stricter enforcement of the speed limit. Research found that 94% of scooters on bicycle paths speed.

The Fietsersbond – a cyclists’ organisation – and Milieucentrum Amsterdam – an environmental organisation – have received many complaints on scooters. “Danger, polluting exhaust fumes and noise, a minority of road users is doing disproportionate damage to the peace and quite and to the health of all Amsterdammers”, Director Jupijn Haffmans of the Milieucentrum Amsterdam said.

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