Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merits of Traffic Management in Hong Kong

Check out the series of pictures posted on China Daily, summarizing the merits of traffic management system in Hong Kong.

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Vikrant said...

With the existing infrastructure, cities with dense population and dense vehicular traffic have to manage their ever growing traffic in a sustainable way. How is this possible? Is it by newer stricter laws? By imposing high charges on using private cars during weekdays?

Sarath Guttikunda said...

Dear Vikrant,

there are many ways to solve this problem and though the list is common for all cities, any of these measures need customization.

Do check the recent conversations on sustran mailing list following the announcement from Dhaka ministers to stop vehicles with less 4 passengers to tackle congestion on Dhaka roads. How much of this really possible, time only will tell. They also announced programs to purchase new buses and public transport.

Reuters, December 23rd, 2010
Beijing city to limit new car quotas in 2011.
This is one way to go. I believe Shanghai is already doing this.

Singapore is a good example with ERP widely implemented.