Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1000 Cities and 1000 Lives - WHO Campaign

The theme for World Health Day 2010 was selected in recognition of the effect urbanization has on our collective health globally and for us individually. Embracing the positive side of urban health goes beyond the roles and responsibilities of government. It includes the contributions that civil society, community groups, architects, engineers, and responsible businesses can make.

The "1000 cities - 1000 lives" campaign is dedicated to bring communities together towards a common goal united around health – municipal authorities, community groups, and individuals. But it also represents an opportunity for people to enjoy exercise, music and being outdoors with friends and neighbours. Local businesses can enjoy increased sales, and all can enjoy the sense of community the day will bring.

Urbanization is associated with many health challenges related to water, environment, violence and injury, noncommunicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases) unhealthy diets and physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol as well as the risks associated with disease outbreaks.

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