Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quantifying Air Pollution Removal by Green Roofs (Atmospheric Environment)

This journal article, "Quantifying Air Pollution Removal by Green Roofs in Chicago", in Atmospheric Environment presents an interesting mitigation option.

Reference: Yang et al., Volume 42, Issue 31, October 2008, Pages 7266-7273

Abstract reads..
The level of air pollution removal by green roofs in Chicago was quantified using a dry deposition model. The result showed that a total of 1675 kg of air pollutants was removed by 19.8 ha of green roofs in one year with O3 accounting for 52% of the total, NO2 (27%), PM10 (14%), and SO2 (7%). The highest level of air pollution removal occurred in May and the lowest in February. The annual removal per hectare of green roof was 85 kg ha−1 yr−1. The amount of pollutants removed would increase to 2046.89 metric tons if all rooftops in Chicago were covered with intensive green roofs. Although costly, the installation of green roofs could be justified in the long run if the environmental benefits were considered. The green roof can be used to supplement the use of urban trees in air pollution control, especially in situations where land and public funds are not readily available.

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