Thursday, March 19, 2009

City Air We Can Breathe - BioVision Forum

Cities pollute the air, and rapidly growing cities, especially in the developing world, are making a bad situation worse. Coordinated international collaboration is urgently needed to ensure that cities have air that we can breathe.

This session focused on the role that advances in science and technology, notably in the life sciences, can play in this effort. From air pollution detection, to emission reductions, to protection against pollution-induced diseases, the session discussed the primary targets for additional scientific investigations and assess the prospects for delivering solutions in Mexico City, Delhi, and Beijing. This session was organized on Tuesday 10th, 2009, in Lyon, France. Speakers at the session are
  • Claudia Sheinbaum-Pardo, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Robert Vautard, France
  • Sarath Guttikunda, New Delhi, India
See the session report here. You can access my presentation @ Air Quality & Management in Delhi, India.

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